Pulse Jet Dust Controller

Pulse Jet Dust Collector Range And Specification

Pulse Jet Dust Collector Is Available In Different Sizes. It Is A Selectable Feature Of Our Standard Product. I Can Design Upon Customer Requirement.

PJDC Size And Construction Can Be Design Based On Customer Input (DATA) Like Dust Load, Material Fineness, Air Flow, Material Temperature, Moisture, Efficiency, Type Of Application, Outlet Emission And Site Dimensions.
It Is Available In Different Like Circular Or Square Housing, Top OR Side Removal, Body Made From Different Material.
Selection Of Filter Bags Fabrics Is Done Base On Chemical Characteristics Of Dust, Temperature, Antistatic Charge And Other Factor. Fabrics Are Like Polyester, Polypropylene, Cotton Etc.

Use Of Pulse Jet Dust Collector

Pulse Jet Dust Collector Is Useful To Clean Air By Separating Dry Powder/dust From It. It Is Very Much Useful To Filter Air Comes From Grinding Machine As Well As Separate Fines Either Useful Or As Waste. Dust Collector Collects Very Fine Material And Release Clean Air In Atmosphere.

About Pulse Jet Dust Collector

Dust-laden Air Enters In Pulse Jet Dust. Air Is Either With Positive Or Negative Pressure Depending Upon System. Velocity Get Reduce After Expansion Inside Hopper. Due To Low Velocity Bigger Dust Particle Got Settle By Gravity In Hopper. If Diffuser Is Provided Nearer At Inlet, Will Absorbs Velocity Impact. Fine Particle Remains In Air Will Move Upward (in Beg Housing Section). Clean Air Passes Through Filter Bags To Clean Airside Where Fine Retain On Outer Surface Of Fabric. Both Side Pressure Difference Got Increase When Dust Increase On Fabric. Filter Begs Need To Clean For Minimize Pressure Difference. Normally Closed Solenoid Valve Actuated By Signal From Remote Sequence Timer. Pressure Got Decrease In The Tube Between Solenoid And Right Angle Diaphragm Valve After Solenoid Valve Open. It Causes Diaphragm Valve To Open Permits A Momentary Air Jet From Air Supply. High Velocity Air Through Pipe Comes Out From Nozzles Inserted Inside The Venture. Pressurized And High Velocity Airflow Inside The Filter Begs Causes Controlled Inflation Of Bag. So, That Accumulated Dust Is Dislodge And Collected In The Hopper. Clean Air Comes Outside From Bags Towards Plenum. Sequential Timer Can Operates On Time Sequence Or By Measuring Pressure Difference. Separate Line Of Blow Tubes And Valves Continuously Clean Each Raw Of Bag By Automatic Operation. Filtration Efficiency Depends On Type Of Filter Bag, Efficiency, Frequency Of Intensive Cleaning. Filtration Cycle Should Select Practically, So That Most Of Filtration Area Is Available Clean Most Off Time.

About Pulse Jet Dust Collector Design

Pulse Jet Dust Collector Is Having Many Filter Bags. Filter Bags And Other Assembly Enclosed In A Metal Housing. It Consists Plenum At Top, Beg Housing At Middle And Material Collection At Bottom Section. Plenum Section Is Holding Air Pipes/orifice Nozzle And Supports Air Receiver Tank, Blow Tubes And Solenoid Valve. Beg Housing Is Separated From Plenum By Tube Sheet. Beg Assembly Stays Inside Beg Housing Which Are Clamped With Ventures, Beg Retainer, Filter Begs And Clamps On Tubes Sheet. Material Collection Hopper At Bottom Is With Inlet, Diffuses And Outlet. Sequential Timer, Air Pressure Gauge, And Blower Fitted On Frame. Rotary Air Lock Valve Need S Mount At Outlet Of PJDC To Discharge Powder And Prevent Air Leakage.

  1. Circular Or Square Housing.
  2. High Filtering Area For High Dust And Air Load.
  3. Bag Removal From Top Or Side.
  4. Different Casing Material Construction.
  5. Various Fabrics For Filter Bags Like Polypropylene, Polyester, Cotton Etc.

After Sales Service Support

PRINCE INDUSTRIES Can Provide Full Range Of Field Service And Engineering Support. Staff Of Company Is Available To Assist Customer With Instructions, Installation, Start-up, And Maintenance.

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